Using Facebook For Your Window Tinting Business

Market Your Car Window Tinting Business With Facebook

Getting feedback from customers whose car you have tinted is very valuable in your marketing efforts and is something you should encourage.
Take the time to set up your Facebook page properly and you will reap the rewards of engaging with your customers and exposing them to your skills.
Make sure you set your page up as a business and not a personal profile, a lot of the newer Facebook enhancements are aimed at business pages rather than individual personal profiles.

Get a graphic designer to make you a cool timeline image for your profile, if you are struggling their are plenty of suppliers on who will make you a suitable graphic for 5 or 10 bucks.
I would also strongly consider the use of online video in your marketing efforts, be it for customer testimonials or just a general showcase of your work. Lots of people are scared of online video, they are scared of the technology and the costs involved but with the new cell phones on the market shooting full 1080p video you can kick out some really good quality professional looking video content quickly.
Set up a youtube channel named after your main target keyword of "car window tinting your town" and upload your videos there and share the link on your Facebook profile page, again, is your friend here and you will find lots of suppliers who can help wuth cool intros for your videos and stuff like that.

I dont advice you build your business around Facebook as they are a law unto themselves when it comes to making changes, the introdution of the timeline feature killed off so many fan pages that were using the fan gate or reveal tab technology that they lost a hell of a lot of friends that day!

The option of Tabs still exists within Facebook and you can almost frame your car window tinting website within a Facebook tab and capture enquiries directly from within Facebook.You can consider using Facebook Advertising System to promote your car window tinting business and they have the option to really drill down on the demographics of your area, you can target customers by location, interest, age, sex, etc all withing say a 10 mile radius of your location.

All in all Facebook is a good tool for your business and regular status updates will keep your fan base and customers upto date with your car window tinting company and all it has to offer.


Marketing Your New Car Window Tinting Biz.

How To Rank Your Car Window Tinting Website For Local Customers

The internet just isn't going away and without it your marketing efforts will be seriously compromised.
So what do you need to do to try and get your website listed in Google and other search engines so local customers can find you when searching for "car window tinting in your town".

The first thing you need to consider is your domain name, use a service like to purchase your domain name, think about the name selection carefully, your business may be called "TJ's Car Window Tints" but a domain name like will be better suited for your website, by including the keywords that your customer searches within your domain name you wil automatically have an advantage over your competitors who are not doing this.Once you have decided on a name, you then need to get some web hosting, a company like are a good choice here as they have a big scaleble network.

Finding a good web designer for your car window tinting website is next, along with branding and logo design, this really depends on your budget but if money is tight go to and look for service suppliers here, make sure you filter your results based on "rating" so you find the best people,  and while you are at it, find somebody who can install Wordpress using the C Panel feature provided by Host Gator.

Visit and search for wordpress themes, these are like skins for your website and you can pick up some really nice designs for $20-$40.

Next up once you get all this rolling is optimising your site to catch local searches, here you need to be very careful, a good place to start is with getting your site listed in some directories and if you google "Directory Submissions" you will find some good companies, get some social bookmarking services from but avoid anything that blasts a lot of backlinks to your website.

Set up a youtube channel for free and upload videos of your car window tinting jobs and tag them with the keywords your customer would search for you, get somebody from to do a submission to the various video content networks to give your video a boost in the rankings.
Finally, make sure you keep posting content onto your car window tinting website every week, 2 or 3 times a week even, this can be pics of cars and a description of the work you have done and include your keywords in the blog posts you make.

Follow this avice and you will soon be ranking high for your local area when somebody searches for car window tinting. If you leave your site sat there doing nothing, dont expect google to show you any love!

Next time - how to conquer facebook and engage with your customers who are looking for your car window tinting services.


Car Window tinting - Door Panel Removal

A quick guide to door trim removal when car window tinting.

Once your are fresh off your car window tinting training course and are ready to rock the world with your car window tinting skills you will most likely come across your first brick wall. That will be leaning to remove door panels to get your window film applied.

Some guys have the experience from work they have done in the past, maybe they used to do mechanical work or vehicle glazing and door trim removal is easy...but if you have never done any door trim removal, then you will have a learning curve ahead of you for sure in your quest to become a car window tinting ninja.

Many newbies who start out fresh will come up against many problems and door trim removal will probably be the toughest  to get their head around.
Here I recommend you start to use some of the car window tinting forums or seek the help of a mentor, the latter is easier said than done, as people who have worked hard to get the knowledge dont want to share it with the new kid on the block.
My advice is start off being friendly with other forum members, dont try and make out you are "The Bomb" when quite clearly you are not as you will get shot down in flames pretty quickly.

Ok, lets get back on topic, door panel removal, in most cases it will not be required to remove the full door panel, on lots of cars you can just pop the top of the door panel back and using a special hook tool, catch hold of the rubber moulding or rub rail at the top of the door, when this rubber trim is removed, you can install the film a little lower down in the door and stop any chance of the film peeling from the bottom upwards. This technique is good for lots of cars, I use it on some BMW's, Audis, Fords, Renaults and a host of others.

You need to equip yourself with some essential door trim removal tools like trim pullers and special clip tools but i think the most useful set of tools will be a set of Bojo trim tools, these are a set of plastic wedges which can be used without damaging any trim and are perfect for sliding between two plastic surfaces that need to be seperated or for exposing trim clips that run down the side of the door.

Next Time - How To Market Your New Car Window Tinting Business


Getting the right car window film for your car.

Car Window Tinting - A Buyers Guide To Purchasing The Correct Window Film For Your Car.

Since the mid 1970's people have been getting their car windows tinted, not only does it look awesome on your vehicle, but it is packed full of benefits too. In the hottest countries auto window film is not merely for looks, but is a serious requirement!
In the hotter climates you will come across lots of car window tinting businesses, because people really need the product, the comfort provided by the window tint offering  a defence against the scorching temperatures deems this an absolute requirement when living in your location.

In different parts of the world, the law enforcement regarding tinting your vehicles driver and passenger front windows seems varied, in hotter states of the US their seems to be more tolerance for this front door window tinting but across most of Western Europe, car window tinting is banned from being applied to the front doors of your car. I feel sorry for these folks, their respective goverments are saying that , you can protect your rear seat passangers but the driver, the man who matters on the road,you cannot have any extra comfort against the sun - hard cheese!

So how do you know what is good and bad window film?
Your location matters a lot...if you are in a hot country, you have to flex your budget and get the best you can afford. Aim to choose a good brand of film, something like Global film if its available in your location, or maybe  brands like Llumar, Hanita and Suntek.

Check with your installation company how long they have been trading with their products? Some companies like to swop films a lot, flitting between other brands dependant upon who has the best deals at the time and not being loyal to one particular bomb-proof product they know that lasts well in their climate.

Try and avoid the budget single-ply products as these are extremely thin, and just wont last in the hotter countries. If your budget allows go for a  2-ply auto window film with a no-fade warranty, the Llumar/ Global films are both good products that stand the test of time.Non reflective films are popular these days, but in Korea for example, they want shiny films and a window film product like Llumar ATR is a winner here, with this extra bling and reflection the film stops more heat, so has added benefits if you like that shiny look.
Aim to get a full warranty with your window film installation, one that extends across the time the vehicle is in your possesion, with a good branded film you can expect a product lifespan of 6-12 years, which will be more than enough as most peple dont keep their car such lengths of time.

So I have given you a few pointers that should help you make an informed decision when you next choose some window film for your vehicle.


Car Window Tinting Tips - Reverse Roll

Car Window Tinting

The reverse roll installation is something you really should learn to master in your quest to become a master window film installer.

For a good result like in most things in life, you need to do the ground work, this involves making sure you have shrunk you car window film well, I always advise you use the "Soap Method" of window shrinking, this technique was developed by chance from a guy i know in Texas named Mike, he decided one day to just rub soap onto a cloth and smear it onto the back glass, he let it dry and then proceeded to shrink his film- the result was pure Magic..!

The soap shrink will save you time and will lead to much better installations..why you may ask?, because using this method to can miss out the step of wet checking your shrink, you dont need to use Talcum Powder, this is dusty and can get into your installation once you have completed the installation and it is far more forgiving than wet shrinking, which is fine for simple windows but you will struggle when dealing with compound curves in the glass.

If you want to progress into car window tinting, then master the soap shrink technique!

Ok, back to reverse rolling, make sure your shrink is really tight and cut out your pattern on the back glass, most people will roll the film directly off the back glass, i normally use a peel board for this but if you don't have one of those, the back glass will do just fine for now.

Make sure your film is tacked well into place and spray the film liner, with a micro fiber cloth carefully clean the areas at the edge of the film, where it meets the glass, so when you spray down your film, you don't wash any contamination into the film.

Peel the liner back half way and soak the film, lay the liner back down onto the film and smooth it out a little, repeat for the other half of the film. Now you will roll the film up into a tight tube, this takes some skill and you will need to practice this a lot.

From which side you roll, depends on where you would like to start the installation, the left or right hand side of the back glass, personally like to start my roll from the drivers side of the vehicle ( for Left-Hand Drive cars).

Now you have you film in a nice tight tube, you will take the release liner which should just be protruding a little and fold it over onto the back of the film, so when you roll the film over the glass, the glue side of the film will contact the glass, and the release liner will end up on the back of the film facing you.

Prior to installation, make sure your slip solution is slippy enough and if suitable, flush down the back glass well, beware on some Audi's and Bmw's that you may cause damage if you use too much water.Check out the video in this post to show you the best technique. If you master this technique you can use it for most of your back windows, even on hatchback type cars as well like the VW Golf.

The video below gives you a good demonstration of this technique - watch and learn.


Car WIndow Tinting Tips For Beginners

Car Window Tinting For Beginners

Car Window Tinting is one of the most frustrating skills to learn, it can take years and years of practice and patience and perseverance to even get to the point where you can produce good quality work that customer would be happy to pay for. So what things can you do to improve on the look and finish of your car window tinting projects.

Cleaning is a vital part of any successful car window tinting installation, I really do suggest you invest in some foaming glass cleaner, in the USA a good branded Product is from Sprayway , in the UK you can source the Wurth  brand of foaming active glass cleaner, it can be expensive to buy single cans if you are not doing much car window tinting but  I like to buy in batches of 24, I know this is quite an outlay but if you are serious about making a career out of car window tinting then you need the right products to work with.

Also needed is some good quality masking tape, again the more prominent brand names do seem to have better adhesion, personally I use 3M masking tape and I get this from a local body shop supply company,

If the vehicle in question has felt seals which surround the window make sure before you even start anything else that you tape of these felt seals with your masking tape, this. Any felt or contamination can be forced out into your installation if you dont tape of those felt seals!

car window tinting 3 m masking tape
I'm not a big fan of using razorblades on the glass directly when tinting windows, I know some guys are happy to blade the glass but I'm sure you can get scratches and when you're dealing with very expensive cars I prefer to minimise my risk and just use a scrub pad similar to the ones you used cleaning the dishes at home, again brand names here -  I use the Scotch pads, these available from Costco and come in a pack of about 12 on them it will say "non-scratch" so it's safe your glass.

Preparing the windows for car window tinting.

Apply liberal amounts of this glass cleaner sprayed directly onto the glass and leave it to set in about 1 min, in that time you will notice a slight fizzing sound, this is the active foam having an effect on the dirty glass surface. Scrub with your scrub pad until you get a nice foam all over the glass.  I tend to start with a window in the closed position and clean the visible area and then carry out the second part of the cleaning process.

First this  example we will use a roll window so that would be a door window in the vehicle, take a conqueror tool which is a thin squeegee and slide down the edge of the glass close to the door seal, then using your squeegee  go from left-to-right  bringing that foamy solution to the long edge of the door then using your squeegee bring that solution down to the bottom of the door, using this process you should have collected all foaming glass cleaner.

Spray the window with a light mist of foaming glass cleaner and using soft microfibre cloth to buff the glass clean, I use Costco for my microfibre cloths and use the Yellow ones coming in a pack of maybe 25 , they are very cheap and they are really really good, I heavily recommend these if you are getting started with car window tinting..

Now lower the window down and clean the top edge, a touch of glass cleaner sprayed onto your school pad  - now scrub the top edge of the glass squeaky across and then collect any loose water runs down with your microfibre cloth, paying particular attention to this upper part of the glass if you don't get this right you'll get dirt coming down from the top edge into installation and your car window tinting efforts will have been in vain.

So now what I will do with the window is with my heat gun , I heat just on the inside slightly  - be very careful and don't burn any interior trim  - it needs just a just a gentle warmth, this will help to improve the ahhesion of the film when you come to install it plus if there's any little loose bits of dust on the glass, the heat gun should blow them away, now take a tack rag, this is a rag that is used when painting cars,  rub this on the glass, this will pick up any of the last small specs of dust and then should give you a perfect base or as very close to perfect -   as long as you do the next part of the procedure correctly

This is the first step in your quest to become proficient at car window tinting - its not as easy as it looks on YouTube, you may well be pulling your hair out, but stick with and car window tinting can be a very rewarding trade.

Next Time - Reverse Rolling Window Film For Back Windows