Heat Shrinking with Soap

One of the most difficult techniques to master when you start out in the car window tinting business is heat shrinking rear windows. When i started tinting window 10 years ago, one of the most difficult things and for sure the biggest obstacle standing in my way was heat shrinking back windows.

I started off with the the dry shrinking method, here you use talcum powder wiped onto the rear window, this was a method I found hard to come to terms with, but I persisted and could do most windows using this method. I did get the odd crease or two and this was very annoying as it meant throwing that piece of film in the trash and starting over again!

 Fast forward a few years and a guy called Mike Williams in Texas discovered a new method of shrinking using soap, regular hand soap, the velvet type variety was the best.
You rubbed your soap on a rag and then smeared it onto the backglass, let it dry or heat it with a heat gun and you were ready to shrink.

OMG!!!..this method blew me away!!..you could use a felt squeegee and smooth the film, you didn't need to wet check the window after you had shrunk it, it was much cleaner than the talc method and the finished window was a very snug fit.
If you are just getting into car window tinting, trust me this is the method you need to master, forget wet shrinking or powder shrinking, the soap shrink really is the bomb!