Car Window Tinting - The Basics - Pattern Making

One of the first steps in car window tinting you must master is pattern making.
I will give you a few ideas of how I make my patterns and show you how to do this without cutting with your Olfa knife directly on the car.

We will start with cutting a pattern for a fixed window, this can be a static quarter glass or back window.
This one little tip will potentially save you from future hassle.
Once you have shrunk your pattern to the shape of the window, then we need to cut the pattern , in this example we will assume the vehicle has a dot matrix area around the edge of the window.
Instead of just cutting directly on the car, use either a small piece of the plastic tape, the sort of tape they use to wrap around cardboard boxes for transporting them or use a thin button as used on a small child's piece of clothing.
Slide the tape or button under the film and sit the blade of your knife onto the button/wrapping tape - then cut out your pattern. As you will be sliding the button/tape along the glass with your blade, your blade will not have contact with glass directly and will stop you potentially scratching the glass and will extend the life of your blades.

This tip is one you should certainly introduce into your pattern making so you can cut your patterns quickly and without any risk of scratching the vehicle glass

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