Tint Slime Review

This is a follow up on my last article on tint slime, I have now had a chance to try out the product and wanted to give you a quick review right here and now.

I got a gallon size container of the product from my regular supplier. And tested out a few ratios to get the correct mixture. It seems that Tint Slime is very concentrated, I used around four fluid ounces per litre of water. Bare in mind that your mixture will change depending on the weather conditions, as I write this the weather is cold, it's winter, and it's only just a few degrees above freezing.

So let's not beat around the bush, I'll tell you know I really think about Tint Slime and whether or not it's something you should look at using for car window tinting.

My first impressions are that Tint Slime is is Definitely something I'll be using!!. In the cold in winter weather it can be hard to get the right mixture for your slip solution and it seems to perform well in my low temperatures .

Ive now Tinted a few cars using Tint Slime and I think it really seems to suit my style well, I don't like too much slip when I carry out my installations, and just one pass of the squeegee seems to make the film tack down quickly. It was good on quarter windows, you could slide the film into position and use a hard card to just pin the film down, and it didn't slide any more and thenn allowed you to extract the water nicely

So it was a good experience using this product, and yes I do certainly recommend it. Some people online are saying it's expensive and it's not necessary, but you must move with the times, and stop being such a tight ars*, it's very concentrated and 1 gallon of this stuff will last for ages.

So I have no hesitation about using this product, the films seem to dry out quicker, and when it dries quicker, you can spot the  very small contamination easier - contamination!!..who gets that! basically, you can see that bit sooner than you would do with normal mounting solution like baby shampoo as the film dries faster.

I would even consider using two bottles of slip solution, one with a slightly more concentrated mixture for fixed back windows, and a lighter mix for quarter windows etc...

Hey Tight Ass - Now go try this stuff!

Go to TintSlime.com


Tint Slime Review Coming Soon

For many years now I have used the film on product from Llumar, and if I'm stuck and I've run out of film on I'll use Johnson's baby shampoo, but, at long last, there is a new kid on the block. Tint Slime is the latest product to hit the car window tinting business, it's a new innovative cleaning and mounting solution for your window film, and the bonus is it smells of apples!!

  I have ordered myself some and it's due for delivery tomorrow, so I will update this blog post with my findings. But, speaking to some of the guys in the know , they really like it!! The film is meant to dry out quicker and it'll show you if you do have any contamination, which you shouldn't have! And it is very concentrated, so you'll need a very small amount in your spray bottles, so it should be quite good value for money and go a long way! So stay tuned and I'll update you on the Tint Slime in a week or so, I'm looking forward to using this product, isn't that sad that something like Tint Slime gets me  excited!!


Are you ready to tint windows for car dealers in your area? Because  if you're not ready - you'll make a fool out of yourself.

Are you ready to work for the main car dealers in your area? Because  if you're not ready - you'll make a fool out of yourself.

The First thing you need to have before you try and attract the main car dealerships to use you for their car window tinting is you need confidence, it's no good just doing the week long training course and thinking your the next big rockstar in the car window tinting world!

You need to take your time, get your skills together, keep practising, do some jobs the free and you need to do this for as long as it takes until you're ready to take on the work and the volume that a main dealer can give to you.  Don't just be tempted to go in there and try and win the business purely on the price, we can all be busy fools if we're not careful, so going there with the attitude that you're going to earn good money from the work you are doing should be at the forefront of your mind.

It really does depend where in the world you are as to how you you will approach this, I know for a fact and lots of states in America, the main dealerships will preload the work. This means that there will already tint the windows on around 70% of the cars before they are even sold, as they know most customers will choose this option when they're ordering the car.
So the dealership is already well versed in the car window tinting business, and lots of them will have in-house window tinters working for them on a full time basis.

These are the car dealerships you should avoid! They'll be paying a low price per car already, will most likely be using an electronic plotter to cut out the film and have a big deal going with the film manufacturers. So don't think you can go in there with your low ball price and get the jobs because it won't work.

You need to search in your location for the smaller car dealerships, maybe the ones who specialise in a low volume brand, these are the guys that you should approach initially, offer to do them a free installation, it has been proven that everybody wants something for nothing, so offer them something for free. With all this being said, don't go piling in there when you've got no experience, or you haven't got the required skills, because you dont want to make a mess of the job and give yourself a bad name, sit tight work hard keep practising, and you'll make it, then the rewards will come.

I think the secret to success, is to not run before you can walk. I know lots of window tinters who after just a couple of months think they are the best in the west, when in fact they produce  very poor work but don't know it... Maybe in a few years time, they will look back and realise just how much their work has improved and how bad as it was when they first started out.