Window Tinting in London

I was asked to recommend a car window tinting company in South London for a friend of mine. As this area of the uk was not very familiar to me, (I had not been to London since I was 9 years old and I am in no rush to return) I decided I would hit up Mr Google and do a few searches and try and find a business in that area.

The car my friend wanted tinting was Audi A3 and I new that a 15% film was his preference, plus I was looking for a good branded film such as Llumar or SunTek Carbon.I called around 6 companies that all offered window tinting in London and asked a few probing questions about the films they used, the warranty they offered and I few daft questions about how the job was done!!

The tint shop that came out on top was a place called Ginos Garage in South London, it's in an area called Charlton. I spoke at length with this Gino guy and he seemed very familiar with daft customers asking silly questions and was actually an Approved Llumar Installer so that gave me confidence that the film would be of good quality and I sort of worked out that his installations were up there on the quality side of things.

I will update this page after the installation is done on the 1st November.

Company Details:

Ginos Garage
38 New Lydenburg Street
Telephone: 07584670223