Tint Slime Review Coming Soon

For many years now I have used the film on product from Llumar, and if I'm stuck and I've run out of film on I'll use Johnson's baby shampoo, but, at long last, there is a new kid on the block. Tint Slime is the latest product to hit the car window tinting business, it's a new innovative cleaning and mounting solution for your window film, and the bonus is it smells of apples!!

  I have ordered myself some and it's due for delivery tomorrow, so I will update this blog post with my findings. But, speaking to some of the guys in the know , they really like it!! The film is meant to dry out quicker and it'll show you if you do have any contamination, which you shouldn't have! And it is very concentrated, so you'll need a very small amount in your spray bottles, so it should be quite good value for money and go a long way! So stay tuned and I'll update you on the Tint Slime in a week or so, I'm looking forward to using this product, isn't that sad that something like Tint Slime gets me  excited!!