Things to look for in a car window tinting training program

So you are thinking about going on an automobile window tinting training course but aren't sure how to sort the men from the boys when it comes to locating an instructor, in this short article I'll try and highlight some of the things that I believe your training must certainly be focusing on and the things you need to ensure are in your training course.

Many programs may initially focus on heat shrinking rear windows, their are several different ways of heat shrinking window film and really the 2 you need to focus on are soap shrinking and wet shrinking. When your trainer insists on teaching you wet shrinking only or dry shrinking with talcum powder then I'd have some slight reservations here.

Wet shrinking
Wet shrinking is fine for the side windows of cars and you'll use this technique a lot in your auto window tinting career but deploying it for rear windows isn't good, for windows that are not too curved then you'd probably get away with a wet shrink but once you get into more curved glass then you'll hit several issues.

Soap shrinking
Soap shrinking window tint film is a dream and once you master this technique you wont believe simply how much it'll accelerate your jobs, it's lot more flexible than wet shrinking and a lot cleaner than dry powder shrinking, you should get a really tight shrink with the soap shrink and you wont have to incorporate a wet check into your process. Therefore, by using the soap shrink, your jobs will undoubtedly be quicker and simpler.

Going on, talk with your instructor what types of installation will be used on drop glasses, thats windows that wind up and down, i hear a few horror stories how people are trained to remove the glass from the vehicle to apply the film to it..Hellooo!!!!, this takes a lot less proficiency and you'll not learn the art of producing patterns for the windows, simply just slapping the film on the window that is out of the car is not a skill in my eyes.

Try and locate a trainer who will show you to tint the windows with the door panels in place as well as teaching you how to remove the top rubber from the top of the door panel. Whenever you can do both these kinds of installation, you will make progress significantly quicker and make money faster when you can learn  these practices

Next time I'll include a number of the more involved approaches that you will need in your installation armory  like reverse rolling and edge shaving.

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Here Is Another Car Window Tinting Tip

First up, it was nice today when i logged in and saw that i had about 1000 views on my blog now so its good a few people are getting to see it.
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Ok, today I will try and address a little problem that you will come across when you begin to tint car windows.
Whilst laying your window film onto the back glass of the vehicle is straight forward enough, dealing with the rear window wiper can be a pain in the ass!
If you are not careful you will easily crease the film in that area if you let the rear wiper hit the film when you least expect it.

So one simple tip is too use a piece of masking tape and use this to tape the wiper up, so it leaves space so you can still shrink the window film without fear of the wiper dropping down and hitting the film.
i made a quick video showing how to do it - its  simple thing buy maybe one day you will be able to use it.
Be aware that on some cars, you may need to remove the rear wiper and even the rear wiper motor assembly to get the job done right, cars that spring to mind here are the Mk 1 Honda CRV and the Mitsubishi Evo. On these cars, by leaving the wiper motor spindle in position will make the job a real pain and the few minutes it takes to strip it out will save you a lot of heartache.

One other thing i wanted to touch on was removing the actual wiper from the wiper motor spindle, this is something i rarely do, a lot of the wiper motor spindles have a tapered spline and over time the wipers can become seized, there are special tools available that make removal easier but my advise is work around it if you can.

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