Car Window tinting - Door Panel Removal

A quick guide to door trim removal when car window tinting.

Once your are fresh off your car window tinting training course and are ready to rock the world with your car window tinting skills you will most likely come across your first brick wall. That will be leaning to remove door panels to get your window film applied.

Some guys have the experience from work they have done in the past, maybe they used to do mechanical work or vehicle glazing and door trim removal is easy...but if you have never done any door trim removal, then you will have a learning curve ahead of you for sure in your quest to become a car window tinting ninja.

Many newbies who start out fresh will come up against many problems and door trim removal will probably be the toughest  to get their head around.
Here I recommend you start to use some of the car window tinting forums or seek the help of a mentor, the latter is easier said than done, as people who have worked hard to get the knowledge dont want to share it with the new kid on the block.
My advice is start off being friendly with other forum members, dont try and make out you are "The Bomb" when quite clearly you are not as you will get shot down in flames pretty quickly.

Ok, lets get back on topic, door panel removal, in most cases it will not be required to remove the full door panel, on lots of cars you can just pop the top of the door panel back and using a special hook tool, catch hold of the rubber moulding or rub rail at the top of the door, when this rubber trim is removed, you can install the film a little lower down in the door and stop any chance of the film peeling from the bottom upwards. This technique is good for lots of cars, I use it on some BMW's, Audis, Fords, Renaults and a host of others.

You need to equip yourself with some essential door trim removal tools like trim pullers and special clip tools but i think the most useful set of tools will be a set of Bojo trim tools, these are a set of plastic wedges which can be used without damaging any trim and are perfect for sliding between two plastic surfaces that need to be seperated or for exposing trim clips that run down the side of the door.

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