Using Facebook For Your Window Tinting Business

Market Your Car Window Tinting Business With Facebook

Getting feedback from customers whose car you have tinted is very valuable in your marketing efforts and is something you should encourage.
Take the time to set up your Facebook page properly and you will reap the rewards of engaging with your customers and exposing them to your skills.
Make sure you set your page up as a business and not a personal profile, a lot of the newer Facebook enhancements are aimed at business pages rather than individual personal profiles.

Get a graphic designer to make you a cool timeline image for your profile, if you are struggling their are plenty of suppliers on who will make you a suitable graphic for 5 or 10 bucks.
I would also strongly consider the use of online video in your marketing efforts, be it for customer testimonials or just a general showcase of your work. Lots of people are scared of online video, they are scared of the technology and the costs involved but with the new cell phones on the market shooting full 1080p video you can kick out some really good quality professional looking video content quickly.
Set up a youtube channel named after your main target keyword of "car window tinting your town" and upload your videos there and share the link on your Facebook profile page, again, is your friend here and you will find lots of suppliers who can help wuth cool intros for your videos and stuff like that.

I dont advice you build your business around Facebook as they are a law unto themselves when it comes to making changes, the introdution of the timeline feature killed off so many fan pages that were using the fan gate or reveal tab technology that they lost a hell of a lot of friends that day!

The option of Tabs still exists within Facebook and you can almost frame your car window tinting website within a Facebook tab and capture enquiries directly from within Facebook.You can consider using Facebook Advertising System to promote your car window tinting business and they have the option to really drill down on the demographics of your area, you can target customers by location, interest, age, sex, etc all withing say a 10 mile radius of your location.

All in all Facebook is a good tool for your business and regular status updates will keep your fan base and customers upto date with your car window tinting company and all it has to offer.