Car Window Tinting Tips - Reverse Roll

Car Window Tinting

The reverse roll installation is something you really should learn to master in your quest to become a master window film installer.

For a good result like in most things in life, you need to do the ground work, this involves making sure you have shrunk you car window film well, I always advise you use the "Soap Method" of window shrinking, this technique was developed by chance from a guy i know in Texas named Mike, he decided one day to just rub soap onto a cloth and smear it onto the back glass, he let it dry and then proceeded to shrink his film- the result was pure Magic..!

The soap shrink will save you time and will lead to much better installations..why you may ask?, because using this method to can miss out the step of wet checking your shrink, you dont need to use Talcum Powder, this is dusty and can get into your installation once you have completed the installation and it is far more forgiving than wet shrinking, which is fine for simple windows but you will struggle when dealing with compound curves in the glass.

If you want to progress into car window tinting, then master the soap shrink technique!

Ok, back to reverse rolling, make sure your shrink is really tight and cut out your pattern on the back glass, most people will roll the film directly off the back glass, i normally use a peel board for this but if you don't have one of those, the back glass will do just fine for now.

Make sure your film is tacked well into place and spray the film liner, with a micro fiber cloth carefully clean the areas at the edge of the film, where it meets the glass, so when you spray down your film, you don't wash any contamination into the film.

Peel the liner back half way and soak the film, lay the liner back down onto the film and smooth it out a little, repeat for the other half of the film. Now you will roll the film up into a tight tube, this takes some skill and you will need to practice this a lot.

From which side you roll, depends on where you would like to start the installation, the left or right hand side of the back glass, personally like to start my roll from the drivers side of the vehicle ( for Left-Hand Drive cars).

Now you have you film in a nice tight tube, you will take the release liner which should just be protruding a little and fold it over onto the back of the film, so when you roll the film over the glass, the glue side of the film will contact the glass, and the release liner will end up on the back of the film facing you.

Prior to installation, make sure your slip solution is slippy enough and if suitable, flush down the back glass well, beware on some Audi's and Bmw's that you may cause damage if you use too much water.Check out the video in this post to show you the best technique. If you master this technique you can use it for most of your back windows, even on hatchback type cars as well like the VW Golf.

The video below gives you a good demonstration of this technique - watch and learn.