How to close more deals when dealing with female customers

I know this might be a strange topic for this blog but over the last 10 years of tinting cars I have had my fair share of female customers and I used to make a point of asking them why they chose to come to my business over going to one of my competitors. Always engage the customer at every opportunity without coming across as a smart ass, they don't like that. Try and build some confidence that you are the best person for the job and use your sales spiel to get the sale.

Be respectful: yeh, I think if my wife read this blog she would disagree and say I don't respect women enough…especially her!!, but if you want to close the deal and get the car window tinting job on their car then you have to respect them. They may not have the knowledge of some of the male customers, they may not have done any research into the subject or let you know they want an nano-ceramic non reflective film at 15% transparency but they do want window tinting from you all the same.

Talk a good job: One of the things I hear about from female customers is that some of my competitors will not give them the time of day, just like all other sales enquiries, take the 5 minutes or whatever it takes to ask the right questions, one of the best ways to close the sale is to focus on the benefits that car window film will bring to the rear seat passengers, and that's most likely going to be Kids. So sell on the heat rejection benefits of the film and how much protection it can offer. For more info on the benefits of car window film see this blog post from last week.

Marketing for Girls: Your sales message you deliver via your marketing materials can attract a varied audience and you will find that pitching your products to women is a good thing, a lot of the time they will control the purse strings and will make the buying decisions in the household. Poor old hubby is out at work all day and she may be doing lunch with the girls and keep her happy and she will happily gab to her lunch companions that you are the go-to guy for window tinting in your area.

You may need specific marketing pieces that target both male and female audience, do a little bit of market research with your female customers and just ask the question - "what made you choose us today"? - I am sure you will be surprised by some of the answers you will receive, store these in the mental marking bank - your brain, or write them down so you can be better equipped for your next marketing piece - its always nice to score with the girls and if you can make some nice money at the same time - double bonus!