Stopping Contamination in your window film!

Contamination.. this will ruin your job and break your heart!!
It's a pain in the butt for all window installers, the more experience you have the less of an issue it will

One of the best things I ever did to reduce contamination in my jobs was to make the switch to buying bottled water, combine this with a regular cleaning process for your spray bottles and you should notice a marked improvement in your installations.

Dont be afraid to flush your windows down just before the final installation of the film, be careful on the more modern cars as they have a tonne of electronics on-board nowadays, you could be letting yourself in for a costly repair if you are not careful.

Use masking tape to tape off the felt seals at the edge of the glass and also on the roof liner.
I have fought the battle with contamination for many years and still do. Its something that you will lay in bed at night wondering how to stop it completely.

I have a few other good contamination busting tips I will share next time.

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